Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Fog in Pirate's Cove

I hiked into Pirate's Cove this morning. Not a long hike. Nude beach. I would have thought that the blossoming of homes on top of the cliffs would have caused people to stop baring themselves here but that's not so. I saw about seven nude bods lying flat, on backs or fronts, all male. One guy was up wandering the beach, talking to folks, everything hanging out. No young studs frolicking and ejaculating in the surf, as Burroughs would have liked. I was decent about camera use, didn't shoot any of them, although I admit it looks kinda funny and I was tempted.

There was fog wisping around when I got there, most went away later. Beautiful day, if a bit cool for sunbathing. I met a guy on the beach from Palm Springs, had come over to see if he could afford anything here (he couldn't; said the homes are more expensive than they are in PS; which I knew). That conversation didnt go anywhere (for me) but we had it. I had a conversation with a strange guy about my age, and that was good! I mean, strange only because I didn't know him. There's hope for me, maybe.

I'm having a latte at a Shell Beach cybercafe. Time to cut out, sit a while. Not in front of a computer.

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