Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

I did the social thing at Cuesta Park. I mingled, sort of. I watched. I ate. And I even played games. Madeline handed me an egg and told me to find a partner and I actually did. We played egg toss, then did the orange between the knees thing. The water balloons never made it as far as a game because the little boys in the vicinity couldn't get the concept of waiting.

I could have used Joey today. He would have fit in with these little doll boys very well, and they could have played together. I think he would have enjoyed it a lot. And we could have gone a little hike together, too, if he wanted.

None of the people I have become friends with were at the picnic. No Dorothy, Phyllis, Linda, Mary, not even Marnie. All altos, of course. I talked a little but not much with those who were there. Awkward for me. It is always awkward to attend this kind of thing alone.

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