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Lots of people on the dance floor tonight. My first partner was a new know-it-all who made a point of being condescending. Although I don't pretend to be a good dancer I still resent this kind of treatment, so when it was convenient I wandered off. I ultimately danced with about five other men through the night, which may be some kind of record for me. I danced with the last one by just going up to him and asking. I am getting pretty assertive in this area. He was new to dance, this his first night, and he looked pretty dejected. We had a nice time just doing the basic step and turns.

Swing is perfectly fun just with very simple variations. I danced with one of the better dancers there and was able to follow rather well, and similarly with another guy who is less sure of himself. While I was dancing with the new guy I remembered the upcoming Friday evening music in the plaza and mentioned it. He remembered too and we both plan on going. I think it starts the Friday after tomorrow. People dance there all the time and there are so many people I think I might feel fine if someone asks me to dance.

Someone I knew from years ago was there. Her name is Brooks and she's always been very pretty, still is, has a very nice figure. She complimented me on how good I look. She has some experience dancing, I could tell, but her husband does not seem as confident. That seems pretty typical. I wonder why. Do women have more body memory naturally? Something like that?

My tooth aches. Nothing like last night, but I took painkillers as recommended. I figure that should help me get through the night.


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