Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

my car

The Honda people once again looked for a cause of the hesitation and didn't find one. And it didn't hesitate for the mechanic, either. They say they know I'm not making it up, but I don't know if they do. The service rep, former long-time mechanic himself, was mystified, couldn't come up with any probables. But he did say maybe carbon, that carbon is an issue with civics. He said maybe try an additive to a full tank of gas, and when I said yes, I'll try it, I'll buy it, he got the can and put it in my tank himself (because it had plenty of gas in it).

I don't know if that did the trick but there was no hesitation when I drove away and off to work. It felt very smooth, felt like a lot more had been done than oil, lube, tire rotation, safety check. It still needs alignment. The rep suggested that if I were up for spending more money a good investment would be a full set of good Michelin tires and an alignment. I think I'll start with the alignment, find out how much the tires cost, go from there.

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