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"coping" is my middle name. But I do get tired of it. It seems like my life is a series of efforts to cope. I take deep breaths, I work my way through an exercise video, I talk talk talk to myself, talk myself out of extending my bad feelings into other areas.

I guess it's easy to see why some would opt for meds instead. This is damned hard work. It gets easier, thank heaven, and I think I spend longer periods feeling good before I get into one where I'm feeling bad. There is usually a trigger, too, something I notice, something that gets the wheels rolling. Maybe I don't always guess at what it is specifically. Maybe bad feelings really come from something I ate. But that's irrelevant. I know how to work my way out, I know it takes the time it takes, and I do get tired of it when I'm doing it. Like now.

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