Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

the future hikes

Last night another member of the chorale told me, during break, how good I looked, and asked what I am doing. I don't answer this question well. There's no simple answer because I keep changing "what I do". Which maybe is the answer, and was what I told her.

I mentioned hiking, and she said she's been looking for a new hiking partner. I was up for the post because I have been looking too. We will coordinate efforts later, after concert, after her trips to various places. We seem to be hiking at about the same level from our discussion.

She's a little opinionated - and doesn't have all the same opinions I have - and absolute about some things. I mentioned that I use a hiking guide because I have a tendency to get lost.

"I don't do 'lost'," she said.

"Some of my best adventures happen when I get lost," I laughed.

She recounted some experiences with a friend who took a cow path instead of the switchback. It's easy enough to do, I think. She doesn't. I can see our hikes as being interesting in themselves because of our two forceful personalities.

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