Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

The dreams are coming! the dreams are coming! One statement stood out last night: "Do you need help?" so I wrote that down. I had scattered dreams about my mother coming to visit me at my farm (I don't own one and she's dead), about contacting long-lost relatives, about "lack of trust". These seem like messages to me, things I should think about.

Yesterday a shelf was delivered from staples.com. Only it was the wrong shelf. I sent an email telling of the mixup. The shelf is to be picked up some time in the next five business days, between nine and five. Do they really think I will be here all that time? And then they are going to credit my account, because they don't have the shelf I want in stock. Seems a little nuts to me. Why not just wait until they do have it in stock?
Tags: dreams, house

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