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Last night we had the second night of fox trot. There was a new couple on the floor, an elderly couple that had never danced or had only danced many years ago. Everything was new to them. As I watched the woman struggle through an expanded twinkle, I thought, I was like that last November. I realized how much I had learned. Later, Yiena was pushing me to get lighter on my feet, be able to switch weight quickly, and to do a certain type of turn that requires my arm to "soften". I got better as we worked on these things but what I realized later is that I could likely learn a lot faster with private lessons. In other words, I am at a point where I could actually gain from this. I don't intend to go in that direction because it is expensive and because I am not in a hurry, but it's encouraging to think I can make progress, I can become a "real" dancer.

Again I danced with Karsten quite a bit, and as usual the conversation was his. I didn't really want to talk about some of these things but I wasn't able to steer the conversation. I wonder if leading in dance, in his case, causes leading in conversation as well.

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