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Monsoon Wedding

Set in India, starring many Indians, in both English and Indian (? - is that the name of their language?). Mostly English.

Story of an arranged marriage between two young adults who had not met before (I believe), both of whom want the marriage. The young woman, whose huge wide-set eyes seemed strange to me, who is nicely rounded and, it seems, even tall, is ending a secret affair with a television talk show host. She keeps thinking of him while the wedding preparations continue. She even meets with him the night before the wedding.

The wedding is "organized" by a guy known as..Putey? Dutey, I think. Very funny part. He feels he is not getting paid enough so does not exactly snap-to when the father of the bride upbraids him for his lack of attention. During the course of the movie Dutey finds himself attracted to a young woman in the family. There is yet a third liaison that blossoms during this time, and all find a kind of resolution at the end.

A dark side story is the discovery of an apparent child molester in the family.

I felt the story centered less on the bride than on the bride's father, who has to face financial difficulties, the loss of his daughter, the "unmanly" pursuits of his young son, and the brother-in-law who disgraces his family. There are multiple stories circulating, with the wedding the connection between them all.

What most amazed me was the westernization of the culture. While the wedding plans and ceremonies are clearly traditional, the speech, manners, even some hairstyles, and electronic devices are strongly western and particularly American. I loved the preservation of the old and the beautiful in the face of this onslaught (funny though it often is, in the movie) and hope it means that our culture, which is fine for us, does not completely trample theirs.

I had a strong urge to visit India, to stay there a while, after seeing this film. It had really not occurred to me before, and now I am thinking about it. How?

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