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The concert is May 18. Next week will be hell week, at least physically. Rehearsals up to yazoo, starting with Monday in the Performing Arts Center with the orchestras. Perhaps with the children's choir as well, although probably not. Yeah, orchestras. There are two of them. Typically, this piece is directed by more than one person - one for the children's choir, one for the chamber orchestra, one for the main orchestra and chorus. Tom is somehow working them all together and I don't know how. There are sections when the orchestra is in one time signature and the chorus in another. And yet, and yet, in a wondrous way it is all comprehensible.

For my part, this means I get a bit more stressed and I can't wait for the concert to be over, even though that time on the stage, in the hall, is like time suspended. It is the reason I do this.

Work is changing, too. The recruitment for my replacement is in process. Interviews next week. If someone promising shows, I will work with that person for a few weeks before I leave. And then I will take on zoning ordinance amendments on a contract basis, which really sounds terrific to me. I want to set up a plan for this, for how I will do the work, involving the other planners and Randy so there are no surprises, so everyone buys everything, as much as possible. I feel that my work in my home is proceeding at a slow but real pace and that this means I may yet get a functional office for myself.

Right now, though, it all seems like way too much. I just have to plug away without thinking too hard about it all.

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