Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

The Son's Room

There were maybe two dozen of us in the theater watching this film today. We all got there early. I had a cup of coffee, a large water, and a small popcorn with me, along with my book (Cities of the Red Night) and wallet. So I took a seat at the way back, where there is just a little cluster of chairs, mostly there to accommodate people with friends in wheelchairs. I was able to set my stuff on the floor next to me, which was quite a bonus. I wonder why it seems I usually have too much stuff to keep on my lap.

The movie is in Italian, directed by the guy who stars in it (he also plays minor roles but I honestly did not pick him out in them). The plot follows a family as it goes about its regular life, emphasizing its resilience and the fondness and support each has for the others. Then something terrible happens and there are sharp breaks with normalcy, as I think one would expect. Through some unexpected ties with the past, the family finally resumes its life, saddened but able to cope.

A review I read called it "slow". I guess it is, but it wasn't a slowness that bothered me at all. What I found awkward was the breaking of scenes. It seemed like the writer (I believe it's the same as the director & actor) couldn't find a way to wrap the scenes neatly so he just cut them. It works but seems not as clean and finely formed as it could be.

Otherwise, it's a nicely made, very lifelike film that I'd recommend. I think it's best to see subtitled films in the theater, so you can focus on it without feeling distracted. There are very real emotions here, not overplayed, worth feeling.

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