Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner


The massage person Deborah employs worked on my back and neck, and Deborah worked more on my back, said it was actually better than last time. But my knees. She said it's time for the orthopedist. She wants me to get a complete diagnosis so I can avoid any more of these injuries and get to strengthening the right muscles the right way. She didn't want to give me any exercises to do now in case they would aggravate my condition.

When she asked what else I'd been doing I said "hiking". She nodded, said, "downhill." and "Why can't you just stay on the treadmill?". I said, "But I like climbing." She said she has another patient who has trouble going uphill so we'd make a good pair: I could go up and he could go down. Later I thought, what if I just climb up and take the elevator down?

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