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tango night

Last night for the tango. Next month we go back to fox trot. Good thing, 'cause I have forgotten that one already.

Tonight I actually had two men to choose from. One tall guy who is usually there with his wife. She's a teacher and had a parents' night tonight, so John came alone. The other guy is a new guy named Mike, who has taken dance lessons off and on for about ten years. John is a bit on the stiff side, a little unsure of himself. Mike was nervous, I could feel his body shaking, and he was a little sweaty. I did all right with them both, alternating. At the end, Mike and I were doing a particular step over and over so maybe I got that one in me now. Tango is not easy. But I feel like maybe the next time we do tango I will pick up better and will move better in general. It is such a close dance that I tend to step very close, nudge into the man's feet, even step on them partially at times.

All the while I was dancing Simba was hanging out in my suitcase. AS if to say, "take me with you", but of course I know better. He would howl the whole way. He is snuggling on my lap, purring and kneading, right now. I will miss him, taking off two weekends in a row.

I am pretty close to packed now, but some of my clothes are in the wash, will have to wait until morning.

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