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long day

I went to work, put in time on an environmental study, went straight to Jiffy Lube after for an oil change. There was a bit of a line and they found a seriously frayed AC belt (I could see it too) so I had them change that too. I got home, lay down a bit, then got up and did Kathy Smith. I discovered that my right leg isn't healed after all. Same pains as the last time I did this video.

Then quick rinse and off to Planning Commission meeting, which went on horribly because it was the crazy man's appeal. He went on forever with his complaints, even getting into the reasons for the sequence of receipt numbers on an application (I won't try to explain). The people whose house he was complaining about also went on forever, and later, when my item came up, someone popped up with her two cents, which turned into twenty. She's a nice person but has a tendency to say the same thing six different ways until I just can't stand it any more. so I'm done. If I get my teeth brushed I'll consider it a kind of victory.

Oh, and I finished "My Life as a Man" so I need to dig out another book. Can't be without. I ordered two yesterday, but until those come I'll look on my fresh-book shelf.

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