Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

soon to be off

I am about to leave for rehearsal. I wish I didn't have to go anywhere tonight but so be it. I'll be glad later, when it's over and I am home again. I worked on the music, but was interrupted by Mary calling. She quit her job, got her old job at the diner back again. I just don't know if I can blame her. She said she was halfway there this morning and couldn't do it, couldn't finish the trip, so she called her old work and they are happy to have her back again. Good part: it's just a few blocks down the street from where she lives. She can get to work even if her car isn't working. And there is a daycare center she is going to look into also, not far from her. Things could actually be looking up. But she was depressed. I told her it is not at all unusual to feel a lack of energy, an inability to get everything done, when you have a little boy and a tough job. She doesn't quite believe it but I'll repeat it when I get there this weekend.

The pix from the trip worked out well, a lot of them anyway.

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