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Mary's trip to Mexico

So Mary's car didn't make it to Mexico after all. It started having troubles in Baker. Lost power. Mary and her bf found a mechanic who said they'd need to spend a few days there while they fixed it. They said no way, they had not planned on vacationing in Baker, eating at the Mad Greek every day.

They limped to Barstow, where they found a dealer and a rental car and left the car there while they went to Mexico in the rental. A Mexican policeman stopped them when they were on their way out. He first asked about Mexican insurance, which they did not have. They talked him down to $40 on that one. Then the cop looked at their rental car papers and noticed that Hertz had included a specific provision that they were to tell Hertz if they planned to go to Mexico. The cop pointed this out and said they had violated it or something like that. Edward was ready to believe the guy had found something but Mary knew better. She said it had nothing to do with Mexican laws, it was between them and Hertz. I laughed when Mary told me about this and said they had not broken any Mexican laws. She said yes, they had, they had broken the one that says Americans have to leave all their money in Mexico.

Several hundred dollars poorer for the trip, they arrived back at Baker to reclaim the car. The guy had fixed many things but then said the car was overheating. Again. And when Mary said she had just had a thermostat installed he said there was no thermostat. So apparently the last guy had simply bypassed it. Damn! Mary has had a hellish time with mechanics. I keep telling her at least make sure the mechanics she goes to have the AAA certification. It gives her some kind of protection if they screw her.

She's taking the poor car, which sounds terrible (like a lawn mower, is what she said, something like that), to yet another mechanic. Someone a former customer of hers recommended, said he's honest, he will accept payments. So Mary made an appointment for next Tuesday. Poor Mary! She's had such a terrible time and mostly, it looks, because the first mechanics were duds and they just piled on top of each other. I hope this time she gets someone good. I feel for her. She can't go on any trips without some kind of auto disaster.

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