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Kathy and stuff

I did Kathy Smith today, ending my exercise break. I managed all right, although both legs had problems in one place or another. The worst was at the end. I was doing a stretch that I usually look forward to, that feels good. I am lying on the floor, left leg bent, right leg bent with its foot on my left knee, and I pull my left thigh toward me to stretch the right thigh. This time, though, it was extremely painful, just on that side, the right.

At the movie afterwards I chose a seat at the way back, right, in a short three-chair row, because these three seats have more leg room. I did what I could to adjust that leg and stretch it periodically, because it was bothering me there. So now that I am home again I took some acetaminophen and melatonin. I hope these kick in in time to let me sleep tonight.

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