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night pains

I couldn't get myself comfortable last night. I tried one position after another, propping my right leg on a pillow, under it, over it, lying on my stomach, my side, even my back (not good for me for long). My right leg just kept hurting, and sometimes when I moved my left knee would throw me a quick pain as well. The disintegration of Judy.

I got up and took a mineral bath, hot water, which temporarily soothed me and my leg, not to mention the itch that started up on my lower right calf (I wondered about poison oak, if I had put on some clothes that had touched it, and I wondered if it might be a late reaction to shaving my legs). I put on some lotion, tried sleep again. It was well after one by now. I don't know when I got to sleep but I woke up three or four times and I am really not ready for this day. I am showered and dressed, so as alert as I'm going to be, and I can only hope to maintain this level.

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