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strange xerox story...or is it?

Not all that strange, really.

This morning I was sitting in my office when I saw Larry, our building plan checker, pushing a xerox machine down the hall toward our "library". He said to me, in passing, that I no longer have to make the long walk to the copy room. I got up to investigate.

Several months ago we got a new xerox machine on a lease agreement with the company. We were immediately unhappy with it. It didn't copy fast enough for our needs, jammed frequently. We complained for months and finally got someone to listen. The grouchy finance people downstairs made arrangements and the servicepeople came in with a new machine for us, much faster and more reliable. We love it. But they failed to take away the old machine. When the guys came in with the new one they thought the old had already been taken away.

When Elsa called about the old machine the service folks said they didn't care about it. So Elsa and Carolyn cooked up the idea of using it down the hall, near me, for small copy jobs. It is now plugged in and ready to run.

I can't imagine another city where employees do this sort of thing, but I suppose it does happen.

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