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biting off bigger ones

Today, this afternoon, I cleaned the outside and top of my refrigerator. Took off all the magnets and stray papers, removed all the cereal, flours, and other things that were on top, cleaned it all, polished it. Then returned things in better order, dumping a lot in the process. I can tell the difference. One more little change.

I have another shelf I am going to work on today, and that will complete the work on the kitchen for today.

And I just filed Mary's tax return electronically. She'll get her refund in ten to sixteen days and she'll give some of it to me the next time I visit. That works for me.

I haven't done any exercise yet. I thought of taking out my bike because the day was so beautiful but it is also very windy. I have tried to be one with the wind, to make it mine, and all that Buddhist kind of stuff, but it hasn't worked for me. Instead I just try not to ride when it's windy. So I will probably do Kathy.

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