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I pushed weights around with my legs, my arms, and I did a little upfront time on the treadmill. On the leg extension machine I got some pains in the back of my right leg. I forget the term for this type pain. But it made me wonder if I was doing the thing right. I also wasn't entirely certain of the way I used the leg press machine. I am using these two to strengthen the vastus medialis oblique muscle, and adjusting according to instructions by my chiropractor and podiatrist but I am not sure I understood them. I need to go ask again, I think.

The highlight of my afternoon was the movie, "Iris". It was showing at the Palm, along with other "indie", foreign, and smart films. Someone coming in said she thought there was an age limit, that you had to be at least 55 to get into the theater. You also almost had to be a woman in the case of this movie. I figured there were about six women for every man there. It's such a terrific film, very moving and intelligent, with good performances both by Judi Dench and Kate Winslet. I can't remember the last time I was so moved and engrossed by a film.

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