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whew and thanks

I took my weed eater outside and started cutting. But the line wasn't working right. It wasn't feeding. So I managed to wrestle the spool out, finally using a crowbar, for heaven's sake, and loosened it up and refed the line through the hole. Put it back together and it worked. I cut the whole yard down just now, in about 45 minutes. Now, it isn't a big yard but it is a jungle. Other times I have done this I have actually taken days at it. The handle was also vibrating horribly, which was putting a strain on my arm, so I managed to tighten that up and get through it without serious damage to me. I don't think I need to do any arm building today, but I actually feel pretty good.

Thanks to bluzebird and striver. You may not have given me the key to my weed eater but you were there psychologically. So I lied; my online friends can help, even with this sort of thing. Somehow having heard from you, I pursued the solution with more determination, so I could tell you of my success.

Even better, nobody was out and about today. Sometimes I don't mind someone coming by and saying, "It's looking good" or whatever, but often people don't look at me in a friendly fashion. They know I'm the bane of the neighborhood, that my yard tends to overgrow. I may have bothered some of the closer neighbors, and I can only hope so in some cases.

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