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the feet

I got them plastered. Not too horrifying a deal, but my feet and legs went to sleep while waiting for the plaster to dry. It was only a few minutes. They weren't used to hanging over the edge of a pad, and I was sitting in a chair with my legs stretched in front of me, a position that is very uncomfortable for my legs. They don't stretch well - in spite of all the stretching I do as part of my workouts - and so were pressed into the leg rest. I think this is what cut off the blood flow.

The podiatrist is a large man with a large bald head. He has been weight lifting competitively for 33 years, he told me (when I asked). He also rides a tandem bike with his wife, and has ridden around France and the Netherlands and Ireland. Thought Ireland was beautiful but the people were even more beautiful. I can't help liking this guy, who gets paged while I am sitting there, "Dr. Fulmer, can you come here?", and yells out, "sure!" and takes off. He's in and out, tending to whatever types of emergencies foot doctors have, running the office in an unusually casual manner. He asked about the book I am reading and actually appeared interested in it.

That done, I went to pick up my pictures, the first with my new little Pentax, and to sit down at Starbucks with a nonfat cap and a biscotti. Me? trendy?? I am pleased with the pictures. Not that they are any great shakes compositionally but the camera did a decent job. I'll put some of them up here in the next day or two - tantalizing - more pix of my house...dare I?? How many people can handle this??

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