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Remarkable. I am alone in Elaine's house. Elaine went to work, Mary faked her way out of work and went home to sleep for an hour. She's supposed to call and then we'll do lunch. But in the meantime all the roomies are gone and here I am alone with no pressing business to do.

The roomies. Elaine has three, including Rich, her sortof bf. I see very little of them when I am here. They seem to closet themselves in their bedrooms (where I hear the televisions) or go out somewhere. I go where I want, sit all over the house (except of course in their bedrooms), like the invader I am. It is good I only spent two nights here and will now go to Mary's for the duration. I feel guilty about interrupting their flow, although I certainly did not ask them to be scarce.

We didn't do any filming. Elaine was hoping someone would pick up her shift so probably thought we had more time. I am dressed for it, too, with mid-calf-length stretch pants and a UNLV T and with my natural looking haircut. It actually looks good and I just washed it and put in some of the $30 mousse. Which is stiffer than the ordinary. Mary says it better walk on water at that price.

I am enjoying Loving Picasso, even though there is less on Picasso in this book than on the friends of Picasso and Fernande. Her letters are perhaps the most revealing of all, more than the journals, certainly more than the restrained memoirs. There are parts that make me laugh out loud. I want to finish the book so I can leave it with elaine to read when I go.

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