Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

changes in the works

I just got a call from Mary. Her car overheated again. This is the third time. The last two meant new water pumps (twice) and head gaskets (once). Apparently the damned mechanics have still not found the real cause of this overheating. This time this new mechanic says maybe the thermostat. That would do it, all right, and we can hope that is it. I told Mary find a mechanic with the auto club certification. That would give her something, anyway, some basic protection.

She also asked me about the hair stylist who did her hair last. This person was imported to work at the Palms, the new local casino near the Rio, by the wife of the owner. So Mary said she's really good. And really expensive. Mary had her hair done there by way of someone's comp and she has another comp for me. So I said yes! Make an appointment! Who knows what will come of it? But hey, hair grows. And I have a lot of it.

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