Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

reading thinking wondering

I have been reading Nickel and Dimed (simultaneously with Loving Picasso) and thinking about it. The writer entered the low-wage world to find out what it was like, and writes of her experiences, and they sound so much like Mary's experiences. At one point everything reaches a head and she simply walks out.

How many times I have told Mary don't do that. Hold on, give notice, do the right thing. And she has done that more often lately. But here I was finding it a fault in her that she would let the places get to her and walk out. And she, too, felt this way, always regretted her rash acts. I was asking a hell of a lot of her.

How does anyone ever get out of that hole? Mary wonders, too. She has been going to school, picking up core courses, but has not happened on an area she wants to live and work in. I don't know what to suggest. She could do some modelling but that is short-term and she may be "too old" at (almost) 24.

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