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Fernande's real name was Amelie. It was the custom in those days to take on fake names, so she became Fernande Olivier.

Her diary reads like fiction almost to the extent that I wonder about it, but the notes at the beginning seem to clear up any questions of its authenticity. I think she must have been brilliant. She was also amazingly strong and resistant to the ill-treatment by her aunt, who raised her. I would have expected her to be bent seriously by this treatment but she seems to understand the situation very well and to realize she is a victim through no fault of her own. I can only imagine that her heredity played a role in this strength.

Although I can appreciate her writing and her life I have this odd feeling that she was writing for publication even as a young girl. One eye out there, looking for attention. This may, of course, be the real result of the lack of attention she got at home.

She was abducted, essentially, at age 16, by the brother-in-law of a young woman she knew. Because of the mores of the time she felt she could not return home and face being turned out or worse. She was horrified by the sexual attacks by this man, could not understand how anyone could endure it.

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