Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

pieces of the puzzle

I saw the podiatrist for the first time today. He's a big man, balding, with an outsize sense of humor. His wit is similar to mine, so I felt at home there rather quickly, was trading barbs before long.

He looked at my legs, made loud noises about how out of alignment my knees are, and said yes, orthotics may help. But they won't do it alone even if they do work. He told me one more exercise I can do using weight machines and clarified the one Deborah had told me. When I asked if he had this in writing so I'd remember, that I had not brought my notebook in with me, he started scribbling on the disposable cloth under my feet. That worked.

Next week I'll go in to get my feet molded.

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