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how to justify spending

Here's a good one. I know that this week I will have to drop about $400 taking care of my body and mind. Podiatrist, therapist, dentist. So I have been thinking, if I have to spend that I may hesitate longer about buying a new camera, which I very very much want. It is better that I buy the camera NOW and worry about the cost later...good one, yes?

I did half a loaf. I actually want two cameras: one decent digital and one small pocket camera with good features. I have been investigating and feeling the digitals and the little guys and today I threw down my debit card for one of the pocket cameras. Not too cheap but I am going to love it love it on my hikes especially but also when I am visiting my children. The last little camera I had was very restricted, limited, and irritated me a lot. This one promises to be a little bit of heaven.

I usually look at buying special things in terms of "how long the high will last". I say, "This new dress is worth about a week" or "this video camera is probably good for a few months at least". I suspect this camera is good for six months or more. That is, I will experience that high whenever I use it for quite a while, and even after the initial period there will still be some warm and fuzzy stuff when I pull it out. That's my guess. Worth the money, in those terms.

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