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A night out and then some

I went to a concert last night with two friends. Saw a lot of other master chorale members there, as well as others I know. This is the second time I have heard Thomas Quasthoff, an amazing German baritone. This concert was easily as incredible as the last, and the audience showed it.

Afterwards I came home and ate stuff. I don't remember exactly what - some chex mix, some toast and jam, some cereal. A mini-binge. My system, in spite of all the exercise and muscle-building, does not seem to require much food to stay at a particular weight, and very little extra sends me up a few pounds. I am forever gaining a few, then losing a few, gaining, losing, just trying to stay even, and I am having some kind of time losing any at this time. I think my fitness alone almost disqualifies me to lose any more weight.

But seriously. I have these little minibinges just often enough. I think that's really the problem. I know what to do about it: no eating in the evenings, drink lots of water. But that doesn't guarantee I can do these things day in and day out. It only takes some little kind of trigger and I am eating. This is the hurdle I need to cross.

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