Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Commercials I hate

I understand why I hate the Brinks commercial, the one that has the helpless woman going into panic mode, being grateful to the Brinks man. I don't understand why I hate the J.C. Penney jingle: "It's all inside". Somehow I cringe whenever I hear that. I think I know why I hate the Progressive Auto Insurance ads, the latest being the unlikeable man who wants two or three other prices for work on his car, for work he doesn't even know what is. He's just irritating, really really irritating. And the music in the background is really really irritating, at least to me. I know why I hated the American Express ads that featured probably the same woman who is now in the Brinks ad, only these times losing her wallet and coming unglued. There are others. I'll probably mention them as I remember or see them again and grit my teeth.

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