January 19th, 2012


Adventures Downtown

Yesterday I went downtown three times. The first time I passed by the pasty place and decided to stop and get one. The second time was to pick up a pair of shoes given me as a gift from Roxanne's Birkenstock's. The third time was to go to dinner with a group of friends at Novo restaurant. And I had not been downtown in months. I have not gone because walking is not yet the most comfortable thing for me, so I find places where I can park nearby and in the downtown area this is not usual.

Somehow, though, the bug bit me. Today I finished off all of the hair conditioner I had while at the gym and I thought perhaps I could go get some more. Usually I'm big on finding a big bottle at a low price - but of good stuff. Don't so much want the cheap stuff. I thought of Sephora. I knew I would not likely be getting a great deal but the idea of venturing downtown again appealed to me.

I went around and around the block until I found a parking place a block away from Sephora. Walking, as predicted, not so wonderful. I have been leaving my cane at home so I can work on walking without it. It might have been better to have it with me. Nevertheless, I made my way to Sephora, which was not just a block away but up a large flight of stairs. Fortunately, the stairs, although many, had low risers. It makes a big difference to some of us if the risers are low and therefore our climbing is easier.

I found my way to the back of the store, to the hair care products. Almost immediately I had help. A Sephora employee asked if I needed help finding anything. I did, actually. I wanted hair care that was animal-free and not tested on animals. She directed me to some nice products and explained options for purchasing them - in kits or separately. They looked good so I grabbed a kit. She then asked if I were interested in skin care and I said maybe, that I don't do much with makeup but could use something. She led me to the "Fresh" collection of expensive monk-made skin care products. I kid you not - the monks make at least some of the products. I grabbed the cleansing cream because it was an all-in-one - no need for separate toner and so on, and she recommended that I try some others and gave me samples and explanations. Finally I was at the register, explaining that I had left my birthday gift email at home. No problemo! Into the bag went the birthday special, lipsticks by Fresh. Nice! I left there with my wallet significantly the worse for the venture but I had my cool Sephora bag and cool little birthday gift. I did not regret it.

So there I was, downtown, and a few doors away was a new restaurant - the Urbane Cafe. Cool looking place, quite popular. A person up front rolls and cooks the bread in pizza ovens, and the bread is used for sandwiches. I ordered a "Californian" - avocado, of course, plus artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes, and more. No cheese or mayo, please. I got one of those electronic thingies with my number on it. I found a seat and read for a bit, waiting for the gadget to light up. Which it did, very soon, flashing red lights and vibrations all over. I had a delicious sandwich and side salad and headed back to my car.

In two days I visited three eateries that I had not gone to before. Am I on a roll? Or just trying my new legs? I think rather the latter. I'm still not ready to wander around downtown. I am looking forward to when it will not be painful to do so.