February 6th, 2009


Addicted to clean?

Today I am cleaning my house from one end to the other, literally. I started at my bathroom, which is at the far end, moved into my bedroom, then the hall, then the second bathroom. Next will be the guest bedroom, office, living, dining, kitchen.

I was given a reprieve, frankly. I had what might be the best situation. I had months to sort through my stuff, to give away, sell, throw away, and store. Then my whole moth- and other-animal-eaten house was hauled away in the condition I left it, which was not pretty.

I was able to move into a brand-new, bright shiny clean house with everything working, no leaks, no sloping floors, no threadbare urine-soaked carpet, no water-damaged roof and walls, no holes anywhere. Everything so very new. Collapse )