November 11th, 2008



I did not read any reviews of W. before I went to see it last night. Bargain night, by the way, $5.

I wasn't sure what I would find but I did expect more of a comedy, really, and it wasn't. What I found particularly interesting:

1. Mr. Conspiracy, Oliver Stone, did not present a theory that the search for weapons of mass destruction was a scam, a pretend goal. He accepted it at face value and actually had Bush asking his people, "where are those weapons?"

2. The story is really about motivation, what drove W., and in Stone's version it was his relationship with his father. I have long felt this is, in fact, the case. What I did not expect was that in the telling W. actually comes across as almost sympathetic and more human than I tend to give him credit as being.

It was disconcerting, really, that Stone was so kind to Bush. But maybe that's the point. The damage he has done is even more horrifying when seen from that perspective.