November 2nd, 2008


LifeTime movie night

I had microwave popcorn and a movie tonight. I turned on a LifeTime movie, about a woman who separates from her husband and finds herself falling in love with another woman.

It occurs to me that this might not be so bad, this LifeTime, sometimes. That is, it is pretty much a "safe" network for housewifely types and it therefore often has the "moment of truth" movies and the true crime movies and now and then one like this one, that actually takes on a subject that just might make the network's phones ring.

A few years ago you'd never see two women kiss. Now here it is, several times in one LifeTime movie. Really, it is amazing how quickly some things break through.

So my hope is that movies like this might reach enough people over time that cultures might actually change, just enough. Just as I hope that Animal Planet will reach a new generation that grows up respecting and caring for animals and realizing they are not property to be treated any way you want. Sometimes television can do some good.