September 28th, 2008


A week

I have just been back from Los Angeles for a week now. Really a few hours less than a week. So I have been feeding Bullet four times a day for seven days. I haven't missed a feeding. It has at times been frustrating and difficult and at other times not so bad. Mostly not too bad the past few days. I had to have Paul's help (he happened to be outside at the time so I called him in) getting Bullet out from under the bed one morning, after he slipped into my bedroom the night before. I am very careful about that door now.

Bullet has shaken his head and therefore shaken the syringe out of the feeding tube at least one time every feeding. It sprays onto his fur as well as onto the couch and on my clothes. I wear a freshly laundered nightgown every night now and I keep a wet washcloth ready to wipe up. Love that microfiber on the couch. It cleans up beautifully just with water. Bullet's fur doesn't clean up so well so I have been considering how to wash him. I have visions of his cooperating at the sink as I gently try to wash just what I can, just the worst of it. Bullet cooperating? Maybe. It's remotely possible, given how cowed he has gotten lately.

I am glad that I am letting him have the run of most of the house now. It isn't so bad that I sleep without him near - he used to sleep right on my bed, right next to me, in the same place every night - because I do see him during the day and I hear his somewhat snory sleeping at times.

He doesn't seem to be in any pain. He isn't at all active either, but then he hasn't been too active for quite a while anyway. This is more of a progression than a major change.