August 29th, 2008


My take on Obama

I watched Barack Obama's acceptance speech last night, along with about 25 other lefties, at a nice older house here in San Luis Obispo. We had a potluck dinner that appeared to be vegetarian, to which I contributed a fresh apple pie, made from local ingredients.

I would not have watched the speech, I suspect, if I'd been home alone. Some things are just better shared.

The speech was clear, well-organized, not especially repetitive, easy to understand, and hard-hitting. I do not agree with every one of Obama's positions but it's unlikely I would ever, with any nominated candidate (I would likely agree with Kucinich all the way down the line). I really liked how clearly every position was stated. No waffling, no fuzzy positions. Of course there weren't any details either, but I think some of the major topics were clear enough. Get out of Iraq, make health care available to everyone - the same plan that is available to congress (of course I want, flat out, socialized medicine), reduce our dependence on foreign energy sources (here's where I didn't agree with some of the alternatives), rebuild our reputation with the rest of the world.

The digs at McCain were sharp, well-honed, and well-deserved by that candidate. I felt Obama hit him where it hurts without making a personal attack.

I felt some subjects were media-borne - immigation, for example, and abortion - and I hate that a candidate should feel she or he has to address non-issues. It's like he's being led when he does that. Nevertheless, overall the speech was a clear winner and spoke to so many of us that the convention hall was hysterically excited. I loved seeing that.

Now let's hit that ball out of the park! I might have to get out there and register voters.


For the second month in a row, I am staying within the baseline allowances for both gas and electricity. Of course I was away part of the month and it's still summer and warm. Let's see if we can make three, then four, and more.