June 25th, 2008


30 Days: gay parents

I am watching 30 Days, the show where a person goes into a household that holds opposing beliefs for thirty days. It's a challenge for both sides.

In this case a Christian woman who is opposed to gay adoptions stayed at the home of a gay couple who adopted. At the end of 30 days she holds onto her beliefs.

What bothered me is that the gay couple and their friends offered reasons for finding the adoptions okay that did not get to the core issues:

* where in the bible is it actually written that gay couples shouldn't adopt? My suspicion is that it isn't anywhere. I know that the so-called references to gays is quite an interpretation too. And I know there are no mentions at all of abortion. So it would have made sense, to me, for the couple to ask Katie, the visitor, where it said they shouldn't adopt a child.

* the question of whether a gay couple should adopt or not was presented as one of many needy children and few families available to them; better to have gay parents than no parents at all. This argument actually makes the gay couple look like a last resort. Better to make the case that there is no significant difference in the mental or physical health of children raised by gay couples or straight.

Really, not enough homework on either side. And if Katie had dug into her bible to make her case she might have been shocked and converted herself before she even visited the gay couple.