June 19th, 2008


Catching up a bit

It's remarkable. I am alone in my house. First time in a couple of years that I have had some time alone here, first time in about five years that I have the whole house to myself absolutely, as long as I want. Some highlights of the last month:

* Paul moved out. His truck is still in the driveway and he comes by every morning to change clothes. He is working with social services agencies and the veterans' administration to obtain benefits and a job. When he gets a new license and gets his truck legal again he will move it out of the driveway. I told him if it is still here in six months I will have it hauled away, which he thinks is fair. The parting is on good terms and I may even have him over for dinner periodically. I have converted his room to a guest room and I love it. It is so cool to have a regular bedroom I can share with visitors, with a bathroom right across the hall. My daughters expect to take full advantage.

* I have been to Michigan and back. Very short trip to Marquette so I could be filmed "on location" at Midgaard, the camp built by my father's family (his parents, my father and sister, and some students from the college). The film is a documentary on my father by Murray Grigor. Some pictures of Midgaard:


I slept at the Lautner house in town, which is across the street from Northern Michigan University. Some pix of that house:

Lautner home, Marquette, Michigan

* My daughter Elaine, as I said here before, met me in Los Angeles when I returned from Scotland in May. She stayed with me at my home until last night, when she flew to Las Vegas. She was a great help and a terrific companion. We cooked a lot (experimenting), wrote a lot (we're cooking up a book), spent time in coffee shops and went on a hike (she went on several but I was only up for one easy one). She took care of the kitties while I was in Michigan.

So now I am alone again. It seems strange, a bit. It will take a little getting used to.