March 11th, 2008



Tonight I went to see a package of two films, part of the film festival. One was cute, well-done, a short called "No I in Security". It's a light comedy with a moral, sort of. Anyway, cute.

The second film was a feature-length documentary on marijuana, called The Union. Made by a Canadian, it explores the history of marijuana laws (mainly in Canada and the U.S.) and use and reveals the results of research on marijuana "abuse". It ends with a look at why marijuana is still illegal - a big question mark.

It's a really good film. It should be showing in the major theaters, it is absolutely that good and that well-made. I was so impressed. I just went to the website (linked to the name, above) and choked past the flash to see that it has garnered a number of awards already. I was hoping to find a way to get the DVD but that's not available - yet.