February 1st, 2008


Home again

I got home yesterday afternoon. Sometimes things go well, and yesterday was one of those days.

My flight from Aspen to Denver was predictably full and I felt quite squished in my seat at the back. But that flight is very short and the people near me seemed nice. In fact, on my trips both to and from Aspen I seemed to be with friendly people who didn't mind that I took up so much seat.

The plane arrived in the same gate as my next flight, to Santa Barbara. I wasn't sure if the planes would switch or what, and nobody invited me to stay on. So of course I got off at Denver, grabbed a sandwich, went back to the same gate, where I learned that yes, it was the same plane. I had the same seat, just by chance, but the flight attendant said wait a minute, until everyone has boarded, we might move you up a bit. And yes, she did. I got to move up to the seats ahead of me, and I had both seats to myself. The flight was not full! I have been on so many full flights that this was a real treat. I stretched out as much as possible and enjoyed the view from the window when I wasn't reading.

The day was glorious and the views just gorgeous. Utah's great red rocks, huge lakes glittering in the sun, mountains covered with snow. And we came into the Santa Barbara airport from the ocean side, which was a lovely way in. The pilot took us in gently as well, so my stomach did not remain behind (I do have a bit of trouble with the descents).

I found a smartcart in the baggage claim area (for $2) so I was able to wheel my luggage to my car. I had been a bit concerned about this part because my car was in the long-term area and hauling all of those bags was not fun on the way in. I hope some lucky traveler was able to use the cart from the parking area to the check-in counter.

On the way home I stopped at Pea Soup Andersen's (I always want to call it Andersen's Pea Soup) and had the Traveler's Special. Just because. Just because it's there, it's still there. And the soup is still good.

I went to bed early. Thought I might get up later but I didn't. I was really out. All night. In itself a treat.