January 25th, 2008


The Stretch

One of the things I love about my Stretch kitty is his quiet assertiveness. When I am sitting down and another cat has nudged his way into my lap or next to me, Stretch quietly steps in between that cat and me, making sure he is closer to me. He doesn't bother to swipe at the other cats or make any noise at all, just quietly asserts that I am his.

Finding reliable medical information

When I write about health issues and medical care I often do not know where to send people for reliable information that they can count on day after day, year after year. In Overdo$ed America, [links to my amazon store] a book by a doctor (Abramson) who is deeply concerned about the distortions of medical information that are the main source of medical information for both doctors and patients, three websites are noted:

Center for Medical Consumers
University of British Columbia Therapeutics Initiative
Public Citzen's worstpills.org

He offers these three as examples of sites where you can get unbiased information. They are a treasure. Take note. Bookmark them. You may need to pay for a subscription for some of the information - I believe it is worth the small cost to pay for the absence of commercial support. I should note, too, that these sites do not provide ALL the information about any subject. They are simply unbiased sources of medical information.