December 22nd, 2007


Heading for NYC

How shall I worry? Let me count the ways.

Last night I slept very little. When the doggie wasn't barking or doing some whiney thing I was dwelling on how I was going to pack some things for the trip to NYC. It was easy enough to throw stuff in the car for the trip to Las Vegas but now I have to compact some of it for the airplane trip to NYC. I mentally packed the extra bag I brought, which I realized was not really big enough, so I dwelled on how I could have gotten a nice duffel at Target last night, which is a useless kind of dwell. I suppose it isn't all worthless, although it does cost me sleep. I made mental notes to get stuff out of the car and on how to pack the breakable stuff.

Now it is morning, I have my coffee, I am contemplating getting dressed. Then I can move on the packing thing. There is actually plenty of time. The plane doesn't leave until almost one.