December 11th, 2007


getting there

The foray into macworld is not, so far, completely seamless. It appears that my beautiful wireless mighty mouse is actually a dog. Not to disparage dogs, of course.

When I have the mouse turned on and then turn on the computer the computer stalls and won't finish starting. This happened three times this morning and twice last night. Then when I do get it started and turn on the mouse, it tracks all right but clicking doesn't do anything. I end up using the trackpad, which I really do not like. I have never gotten comfortable with those.

After looking into the help files for the mouse and finding nothing related to these problems, I went on the web to a mac forum. It seemed the conclusion of most of the writers in there was "thank heaven for logitech". They had so much trouble with this mouse that they finally bought another. I'm considering doing the same. I'll go to the apple store with 'puter and mouse and see if they can resolve it, but I am not all that hopeful. Likely they'll uninstall and reinstall it, which is just annoying if you have to do it often, but we'll see. If I am not happy I will just ask for a refund because I have learned from these forums that they are likely to make you sit down and call applecare. I see no reason why I should call apple when I am in an apple store. That's just weird to me. I am beginning to think that the apple stores are for selling and teaching and have minimal involvement with problems. We'll see.


If you, like me, listen to the radio any length of time, you will be familiar with the ads for I picked up that you need to use the phone as well as a computer to use this service, which makes it a no for me. I am currently attending my first meeting through it, offered by I chose to not make the phone call. I don't want to spend an hour with the phone in my ear or on speakerphone. So I am just watching the action on the computer. I am still learning a bit just be watching, but there are obviously a lot of things being said, a lot of clarification I am missing.

A nice feature is the question and answer box. It's essentially a chat box that allows meeting participants to participate actively. I have asked if there is an alternative to calling in.

While I wait for them to get to the questions I am cruising around making journal entries and actually going to prosper to look at some of the options shown in the webinar. I will have a better chance to get into the details at the real-life seminar in San Francisco next February, anyway. Too cool, that.

more mac woes

Today I spent the afternoon at the Apple store. I emerged after five with a new mouse and a new operating system. And yet when I came home and opened the computer and turned it on it froze again. I suspect that I will have to bring it back again tomorrow and simply get a replacement. This being the case, I don't want to install anything on it. Not much point. So I am feeling frustrated.