December 7th, 2007


At last a book on cancer prevention rather than cure

A good review and interview with Devra Davis, author of The Secret History of the War on Cancer, is on the alternet pages.  At last there is a book, written by an epidemiologist, about how industry (and government) over the years has pushed the emphasis on cancer to the "cure" side and essentially ignored the "prevention" side. Davis writes that it is very difficult to conduct a controlled study because all of us are exposed to the chemical cocktail now, but we know enough. We don't need to have absolute proof to take action.

I have for years been pointing out that the increases in cancer cannot be attributed simply to better accounting, that we are all faced with pollution of the skies, of our water, of our land, of our bodies, and that this pollution undoubtedly has had an effect on the cancer rates. Finally this book tells us I AM RIGHT. Further, I am right to withhold my charitable contributions to organizations that focus on cure rather than prevention.

22 Michael Vick dogs go to Best Friends

This pic is from the Best Friends news. Best Friends received 22 of the dogs involved in Michael Vick's dogfighting. The remaining dogs were split among several other animal protection groups, including a couple specifically for pit bulls.

Such an excellent result for a horrible story. None of these dogs is going to be killed. Perhaps some parts of our justice system are starting to see better ways.