November 20th, 2007


Ten green toys - and more

For the holidays, Co-op America offers a list of ten green toys (hover your mouse over these words for the link). The first five are most suitable for the very young, but the rest can take you up into teenland. Fair trade sports balls! A xylophone! Board games! And woo - a solar-powered model house that I might just buy for myself. Oh, and fair trade doll clothes!

When I went to some of these sites I found even more interesting gifts for all ages. Too cool.

Find this solar beauty here.


I'm curious about some differences in airlines. On American the seats are tight (no legroom), you get nonalcoholic drinks for free but have to pay for cashews ($3), there are no amenities. On JetBlue you get leg room, free satellite tvs on each seat, as many free snacks as you can eat. What's up here? Oh yes, and the JetBlue prices tend to be lower. How's that work? Someone tell me? I am not believing that American takes better care of its employees. Just don't think so.