November 11th, 2007


Quick trip to SF

Friday Joey and I went to San Francisco. We started out at about 11 and got into town maybe five hours later. There was some traffic, and we stopped for lunch in King City. After we got settled into our hotel, an unremarkable Rodeway Inn in a good location near Market, we walked to the Concourse, where the Green Festival was held.

I realized when I got to the ticket counter that I had grabbed the wrong printout, didn't have my email from Co-op America giving me a discount to the festival. But the woman was sympathetic and gave me the discount anyway. Further, she said she didn't know what the children's price was so she let Joey in for free. A good beginning.

The festival is just huge! Row upon row of booths plus various speaking locations. I didn't even attempt to watch any of the speakers. We managed to cruise by quite a number of booths, gaining a lot of freebies in the process. I have never been to another festival where so much was free. Right at the start one of the booths gave us free bags, thank heaven. Soon they were loaded with magazines, tea bags, candy bars (all fair trade and organic, of course), various materials and other free goodies, including a paper disk that has wildflower seeds stuck in it (you water it, let it swell, then plant it).

The bag!
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