September 17th, 2007


Poor little Mozart

I watched a recording of Meerkat Manor last night. Mozart, who has been kicked out again and again by Flower and who has had babies with Carlos at least twice, is now part of a new, small group headed by Carlos. But the dominant female role had not yet been determined. Mozart was facing off with Kinkachoo (sp?), her younger sister, for that role.

Mozart had her babies during the night. Kinkachoo was still pregnant. When Mozart came out of the hole in the morning, none of the gang was interested in staying around to babysit the young'uns. Mozart finally had to rush out to get some food so she could feed the babies. But while she was out, Kinkchoo took advantage. She slipped back to the hole and killed the babies.

Poor Mozart! Hasn't she had enough heartache in her little Meerkat life?