September 14th, 2007


customer service

I am already irritated with the company that gave me the loan on my new house. Origen Financial, for the record. I don't have any big issues, just a small one.

When I signed the final closing papers in July there was a form for automatic deduction of the payment. I filled it out, but I did not have my checkbook with me so I was unable to put the full account number and routing number in there. The escrow person said no worry, they would call me later to get it right. They didn't call. I got the payment coupon in the mail for August. On one of the sheets in the mailing there was a form for automatic deductions. I filled it out completely and properly and enclosed it with my payment for August.

I was out of town at the end of August and into September, so I brought the Sept payment coupon with me in case the payment was not deducted. I kept checking my bank account and the money was not taken out. My worry was that if I sent a check and the payment was also deducted I would be paying double for the month and my bank account can't afford that. I waited until I got home and when the payment had not been taken out on the 11th, the due date, I went online to see if I could find anything out from there.

I saw that nothing had been deducted and the website said that if I applied for automatic deductions I would receive something in writing to confirm that it was going to happen. I went ahead and sent a check (I could have paid online but they wanted to charge me $8 for the privilege - that's another small gripe). I also signed up for automatic deductions a third time, this time online.

Today I got a call from them. I told them why I had waited to make the payment and the woman switched me to the person in charge of automatic deductions. He told me that the form I had filled out with my August payment should have been sent to a separate address.

Now this is what gets me. I am pretty observant but I did not see that instruction on there. And it seemed logical to send it all to the same place.

If I were working in that office and I received the check and the form I would have forwarded it where it needed to go. Why is that such a hard concept? What is wrong with the whole world of customer service?

Religion - part 3

I was walking across a bridge one day, and I saw a man standing on the edge, about to jump off. So I ran over and said 'Stop! don't do it!' 'Why shouldn't I?' he said. I said, 'Well, there's so much to live for!' He said, 'Like what?' I said, 'Well...are you religious or atheist?' He said, 'Religious.' I said, 'Me too! Are you Christian or Buddhist?' He said, 'Christian.' I said, 'Me too! Are you Catholic or Protestant?' He said, 'Protestant.' I said, 'Me too! Are you Episcopalian or Baptist?' He said, 'Baptist!' I said, 'Wow! Me too! Are you Baptist church of god or Baptist church of the lord?' He said, 'Baptist church of god!' I said, 'Me too! Are you original Baptist church of god, or are you reformed Baptist church of god?' He said, 'Reformed Baptist church of god!' I said, 'Me too! Are you reformed Baptist church of god, reformation of 1879, or reformed Baptist church of god, reformation of 1915?' He said, 'Reformed Baptist church of god, reformation of 1915!' I said, 'Die, heretic scum,' and pushed him off.

- Emo Philips