September 9th, 2007


Springs Preserve

Las Vegas has done it again. In the midst of an insane waste of resources it now boasts the Springs Preserve, a large compound of buildings and outdoor areas that promote sustainable living. It focuses mostly on water use but all forms of conservation and sustainable living are addressed here. Joey and I visited yesterday.

We parked under an array of solar panels, which provided shade for the cars. Already I liked the place. Any business could do this. And I'm betting they'd save a ton on energy costs if they did. Not just for us, the vehicle drivers, but for themselves, by using the energy from the solar panels.

We visited most of the exhibits, played with the video games (all slanted toward wise use of water and energy), got misted outside, saw desert animals live (mainly geckos), and enjoyed a variety of interesting things beneath our feet. The buildings all have sections of floors that are glass squares, through which we can see a monster gecko, water rushing, or something else. Very cool. There are exhibits and films and gardens and outdoor play areas and a "desert living center" that is platinum leed-certified. It is going to take more than one visit to take it all in, and they offer classes and other events so there would be other reasons to go there through the year.

Unfortunately for me, the visit caused me physical pain. I don't understand why I found myself limping and feeling pain in my knee when we hadn't done all that much, after the last several days trekking up and down stairs and going for long walks on hard surfaces. Why now? It may be simply that I did more standing than I have been doing.

Later, in the Miracle Mile with Mary and Joey, I needed to sit down now and then, but I didn't feel as much pain as I have on past visits.

In the middle of the night I had serious leg cramps, both legs. Again, why? What did I do differently? When I got up I was quite stiff. But I'm okay now. I am moving normally, all is good. No serious aftereffects.